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When buying a home a certain portion of the purchase will be from savings – this is what is referred to as the down payment. The rest will be financed and in most cases will be via a mortgage. However there will be additional expenses incurred as various inspections are conducted, the mortgage is registered and the title is transferred. These expenses are known as closing costs and must be paid before the home can be considered sold. Therefore, saving on ‘closing costs’ while buying a home is often questioned.

So can you cut closing costs and save money when buying a home?

First, a bit more detail on what these costs entail. In Saskatchewan, most of the costs consist of two parts. The first is a non-negotiable fee charged by the province when

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The Property Condition Disclosure Statement (PCDS) discloses what sellers know about their property, mostly through a questions and answers format.  The buyers then view the disclosure and becomes better equipped to determine if the home is worthy of further interest.

The disclosure covers major items prudent buyers should be concerned with, such as history of fire, insects or rodent problems, water seepage issues, toxic substances such as asbestos or formaldehyde, structural issues such as basement foundation cracks, construction permit history, plumbing and electrical issues, attached equipment issues (i.e. furnace, dishwasher) and much more.

PCDS and Saskatoon Real Estate

Most listed properties will include a PCDS, however in Saskatchewan

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Want to buy a home? If you are like most buyers, you have a ton of houses for sale on your list to sort and look through– and may already be getting overwhelmed with all the choices you have for real estate listings in Martensville and surrounding areas.

However with the right approach, sorting through houses for sale is actually one of the most enjoyable parts of the home-buying process. When you decide to buy a home, remember, it is the process of elimination that will take you to the one home you will want above all others.

Here is some practical advice to use as you prepare to buy a home by sorting through all the houses for sale in your area.

Create Two Lists – Your Needs and Your Wants

When you go to buy a home, remember to

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Interested in buying a home that is for sale in Warman but you are not sure if it will be a wise purchase? Need some guidance as to what really counts when choosing from real estate listings in Warman and surrounding areas?

You’re not alone – every homebuyer goes through the same process when buying a home. Such a momentous decision can create uncertainty. The aim is to make a good choice and pick a great home from those for sale in Warman, but the unknown can bog one down.

Fortunately, by asking a few key questions, you will learn much of what you need to know when buying a home. Here are three questions to definitely ask when browsing through real estate listings in Warman and surrounding areas.

What is the Condition of the Home?


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You want to buy a home – perhaps you want a condo or maybe a traditional single-family home – You have been searching through seemingly endless websites full of properties for sale and at times have felt overwhelmed. So how do you sort through all the options and find the perfect home for you?

Finding a home or condo amidst the hundreds of real estate listings in Saskatoon and surrounding areas can seem daunting, but selecting from the best properties for sale is easier than you may think – especially when you follow these tips as you prepare to buy a home.

Know Your Price

Without a doubt, searching by price is an important component to searching properties for sale. You can find a home or condo faster with a price search than with any other

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More and more first time home buyers, as well as certain types of investors, are showing interest in homes with basement suites.

With the promise of a single rental suite bringing in $800.00 to $1,400.00 per month (the average range for one to two-bedroom suites in Saskatoon and certain surrounding areas), it could make good economic sense for a first time home buyer to invest in such real estate property, especially if the aim is to self-finance a few home improvement projects or pay down a mortgage faster.

However before committing to a home that offers a “mortgage helper” basement suite, please be sure that you, as a first time home buyer, understand the differences between legal and illegal suites as defined by the city of Saskatoon

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Do you want to sell a condo in Saskatoon and surrounding areas? Thinking of selling your condominium on your own, without a real estate agent by your side?

The idea is tempting especially when you anticipate paying the MLS® marketing commissions to yourself. Therefore it is important to weigh out the job ahead and determine if it is worth taking on.  It is also important to understand the consequence of having a property sit on the market due to errors caused by lack of time and or experience.

Selling your condominium is hard work and a process that requires a focused time commitment. Experienced real estate agents understand this coming into the job.

Selling a condo while learning on the job often results in frustration, stress, and a home

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Did you recently purchase a home for sale? If so, you may be eligible for a rebate.

These rebates can significantly reduce your overall expenses by putting money back into your pocket. It’s not uncommon to receive cheques for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Finding out about the rebates, though, is what keeps many homeowners from taking advantage. Real estate agents who understand the opportunity can alert their clients to the possibility. A real estate agent can also help you find a qualifying home.

Here is more information on how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Learning About the Rebates

If you bought a house for sale within the past few years, and paid a down payment of less than 20 percent, chances are your mortgage

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Real estate market conditions are ever-changing. How to be in tune and buy a condominium with confidence

First, understand what drives the market and how to take advantage of it. Currently, there are plenty of condos for sale in Saskatoon and surrounding areas that may be yours, if you follow a few core tips.

Here are four tips to help you navigate today’s real estate market, search through condos for sale in Saskatoon and surrounding areas, and buy a condominium with confidence.

Shop Around – Don’t Stick to Just One Condo Building

There are plenty of condos for sale in Saskatoon and surrounding areas. If you want to buy a condominium, keep in mind that you have plenty of options.

It is important not to focus on just one particular

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Are you preparing your home for sale? If so, you may be in need of quality real estate advice so you can avoid something every homeowner fears: a costly mistake.

You can find a lot of "how-to" online advice when preparing your home for sale, some of which I, as a real estate agent, agree with and endorse. Here are a few pieces of advice I think you should consider.

First, de-clutter your home for sale by removing personal pictures and knick-knacks and organizing closets, cupboards and general storage for maximized functionality. Increase street appeal by replacing or sprucing up the front door and taking a critical look at your landscaping. Make rooms feel spacious with neutral colour pallets and minimal furniture.

However, if there are known

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